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How Much Does Commercial Flat Roof Replacement Cost In 2024?

Posted on October 8, 2022

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How Much Does Commercial Flat Roof Replacement Cost In 2024?

Flat roof replacement is a very common project in the commercial roofing industry. A typical, single-ply flat roof lasts 20 to 30 years with regular upkeep. If you are looking for commercial flat roof replacement costs for 2024, there are some things you will need to be aware of that can affect the price of your project.

At RST Roofing and Renovations, we try our best to educate property owners about the roofing industry. Today, we are here with a detailed guide on the actual costs of flat roofing systems based on different types of roofing materials. Our experts have gathered the average roofing costs from the industry and mentioned some hidden variables that affect the cost to replace a flat roof.

Below are the roof replacement costs for nine types of commercial flat roofing systems:

Commercial Flat Roof Replacement Costs In 2024

If you’re looking for a flat roof that can offer maximum protection for years, you will need to set a relevant budget. The national average to replace a commercial flat roof ranges between $4 – $10 per square foot in 2024. However, flat roof costs primarily depend on the type of flat roofing material you choose.

Commercial Flat Roof Replacement

#1 PVC- Polyvinyl Chloride

PVC roofing costs range between $3 to $5 per square foot. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is one of the most popular commercial roofing materials. It’s a thermoplastic made from salt and oil derivatives. One of the main features of a PVC roof is that it’s beneficial for buildings and factories that involve working with chemicals and oils. Unlike rubber, PVC roofing membrane is not affected by such resins. PVC roofing systems are usually cost-effective and easy to install. They can also be the best choice for a building in moderate to warm regions. That’s because PVC does not get damaged due to extreme heat and its white surface reflects sun rays. In case of fire emergencies, a PVC roof will not contribute to spreading the fire because chlorine helps to cool it down.

#2 Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP)

A GRP flat roof is a relatively new type of roofing material, and it is quickly becoming more popular. It is made from polyester fibers reinforced with glass, making it virtually impervious to corrosion, rot, mold, and fire damage. GRP roofs can last up to 20 years and are relatively affordable compared to other types of flat roofs. The cost to install a GRP roof is between $4 and $6 per square foot. It’s very lightweight and does not add excessive weight to the structure. The material is also fireproof and doesn’t burn like other types of roofing materials do.

#3 TPO- A Mix Of PVC And EPDM

TPO or Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing membrane is made of plastic and rubber polymers. The cost to install a TPO roof varies between $3 to $5 per square foot. TPO is a highly flexible material. It can withstand extreme heat and cold and won’t tear from hailstones. It’s one of the best choices if you are looking for an energy-efficient roof that’s good with warm, mild, and snowy climates.

#4 EPDM- The Rubber Roofing Membrane

EPDM is a rubber-based membrane that is typically used for flat roofs as well as insulation. EPDM is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications because of its durability, chemical resistance, and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms and heavy snow. The average roof replacement cost for an EPDM roof can be from $5 to $13 per square foot. It is one of the most durable single-ply membranes, with an average lifespan of 40 years. Since it’s naturally black, EPDM roofs are suitable for buildings in cold climates as dark colors absorb heat. However, you can pay a little extra to change the color of an EPDM roof for warm regions.

#5 Built-Up Roof- A Multi-Layered, Double-Ply Membrane

If you’re looking for a sturdy, flexible and durable roof, a built-up roof is the way to go. A BUR roofing system is constructed by installing multiple layers of roofing materials starting from the deck and moving on to insulation, asphalt, a cover board, and a reflective coating on top. BUR roofs can last for 40 years, and they cost more than PVC and rubber membranes. If you choose a built-up system, your commercial flat roof replacement can cost between $4 to $10 per square foot.

#6 Modified Bitumen

Bitumen is another name for asphalt. Both modified bitumen and built-up roofs have been in the industry for over 100 years! Modified Bitumen is a double-ply membrane, an upgrade of single-ply membranes. It is created by adding fiberglass and polymers of rubber or plastic to the bitumen for extra strength and flexibility. The last layer is coated with a mineral layer to protect from UV damage and prevent heat absorption. If your roof is going to get a lot of foot traffic, this roofing membrane can stand up to it. The cost to install a modified bitumen roof can range from $4 to $6 per square foot. Unlike concrete roofs, a mod-bit roof is more affordable if you want to save money on a sturdy flat roof.

#7 Concrete Flat Roof

Concrete flat roofs are heavy and hard to install. The weight of a concrete roof is typically around 10 to 12 pounds per square foot. It’s crucial to note that a concrete roof should conform perfectly to the strength of your existing roof structure. Concrete roofs can last for about 50 years on a building, making it a cost-effective option for many business owners. This is the best type of commercial roofing system if you have a rooftop business or if you want to use your building’s roof on a daily basis. Concrete flat roofs cost an average of $4 to $8 per square foot.

#8 Flat Metal Roof

Metal roofs are high-end options, but they can be the most cost-effective choice for your business in the long run. A commercial metal roof costs between $3 to $15 per square foot. There are two types of metal roofing panels- standing seam and nailed-down. Both roofing systems can last up to 50 years, and standing seams metal roofs are known to stand strong for over 60 years! Commercial metal roofs are common for low-slope and flat roofs because of their ability to withstand stormy weather conditions and energy-efficient properties.

#9 Green Roofing System

Sustainability and clean business requirements have led to the rise of green roofing systems. A green roof is also known as a living roof, as its top layer is fully covered with vegetation. It requires proper maintenance of the plants and grass. This type of roof offers many benefits because it can reduce the temperature of your building by up to 50% while also reducing air pollution around it. In addition, it helps to prevent stormwater runoff and provides insulation for an energy-efficient space. A flat green roof generally costs between $10 to $25 per square foot in 2024. It can be a perfect choice for business owners who want to enhance their sustainability goals and promote green business practices.

For a closer estimate, you’ll also need to consider some hidden factors that play a massive role in determining the final cost to replace your flat roof.

Factors Affecting Flat Roof Replacement Costs

👉 The size of your property: A larger area will naturally need a larger roof. So the price will depend on the size of your building. It will determine how much labor and materials are required.

👉 The location of your building: If you have a commercial space in storm-prone areas and extremely hot or cold climates, you will need thicker membranes and more frequent maintenance.

👉 The slope of your roof: Sloped roofs are steeper and require more careful installation work than flat ones, increasing the overall cost to replace your flat roof.

👉 Labor costs: The price range of commercial roofing contractors depends on their experience and quality of service. The location of your building also matters a lot because cities with high competition usually have lower roofing costs than towns with one or two roofing contractors. If you want to know the cost of replacing a flat roof in your area, we will be happy to help you.

Need A Flat Roof Replacement Service In Georgia?

At RST Roofing and Renovations, we’ve been serving in Northwestern Georgia for years. Our experts make sure that your business gets the most efficient and durable roof at fair prices. If you need a commercial flat roof replacement in Atlanta or the surrounding regions, call us at (404)-548-8901. We will offer you a free consultation and estimate. One of our experts will answer all your questions, and we can help you select the best roofing material for your business.

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