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Our Insurance Claim Process

If you notice visible damage to your home after a severe weather event, it is essential to contact RST Roofing & Renovations immediately. Call us before taking any steps to repair the situation yourself.

A trained professional will visit your house and assess the damage to confirm it is due to a weather event. We take pictures and record all the relevant information necessary to start the roof insurance claim process.

We will continue to work with the homeowner throughout the roof insurance claim process.

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Situations That May Arise After Filing a Claim

There are three likely scenarios when filing a storm damage insurance claim


The insurance carrier approves the claim without modifications

RST Roofing & Renovations complete the work on the repairs, and the client signs off on the project upon completion. RST Roofing & Renovations will contact the insurance carrier, file the necessary documentation, and receive compensation.

The insurance carrier approves the claim but requires modifications

RST Roofing & Renovations and an independent adjuster have to inspect the property again and point out the necessary changes and adjustments to the client. If the client agrees with the changes and approves them, the rest of the process is the same as the first option.

The insurance carrier rejects the claim

In this case, the repairs cannot go forward until the client gets the insurance carrier's approval or refiles the claim with additional supporting evidence. We will be here to help you with any other inspections.

Steps To Take In Case Of Claim Denial

Insurance companies often deny customer claims and rarely approve claims without changes and modifications. This practice is at the heart of their business model. They strive to provide clients with insurance services and coverage without paying much out in return. Therefore, it is not unusual that even valid claims often get denied.

In case of a claim denial, RST Roofing & Renovations will work with you to request a second inspection by an adjuster or try to approve the claim. If necessary, we may recommend a public adjuster. At the same time, if the claim is a lost cause, we will advise you on alternative solutions to pay for the necessary repairs.


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