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17 Metal Siding Color Trends: Stylish Exterior Choices Of 2024

Posted on September 29, 2023

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17 Metal Siding Color Trends: Stylish Exterior Choices Of 2024

If you even pay the slightest attention to the trends in the home improvement industry, you might’ve noticed that metal isn’t just for roofing anymore—it’s making a big splash in the siding industry, too. It’s not hard to see why – it’s durable, versatile, and can seriously up your home’s curb appeal.

But what makes metal siding the best amongst the other types of siding is that it doesn’t just come in silver and gray anymore. In 2024, there are so many vibrant siding color options to choose from. 

In this article, we’re diving into the exciting world of metal siding and checking out the 17 best colors of the year. From classic shades to bold choices, you’ll be amazed at the options  available to spruce up your home’s exterior. So keep reading as we unveil a wide range of options for you to consider as you start your siding project.   

♦ Neutral Colors: 

Utilizing a neutral color on a home is the new-age metal siding color trend, winning the hearts of homeowners as well as siding installers. 

1. Bright White: 

White metal siding embodies timeless sophistication, imparting a clean and pristine look to your home’s exterior making it an ideal choice for a classic, fresh appearance that never goes out of style. Many companies offer this shade of white, especially since it has a high solar reflectivity index (SRI), so it plays a role in keeping your home cooler. 

Color Combination Ideas:

White metal siding will look great with a darker-colored roof. You could also pair it with brown or blue trim to make a statement. 

Bright White
Bright White

2. Soft White/Almond White

If you are a fan of white but do not want something as bright, then you should consider off-white shades. Over the years, this toned-down metal siding color has become quite trendy. It provides a white color with undertones of beige, conveying a sense of warmth and comfort while maintaining a clean and neutral appearance.

Color Combination Ideas: 

This soft white metal siding color works well with most shades. A green or charcoal-colored roof with almond-white siding is amongst the best metal roof and siding color combinations

3. Black: 

Black metal siding makes a bold statement with its dramatic and striking presence. This deep and intense color is the darkest neutral shade and adds a touch of modernity and elegance to your home’s façade, perfect for contemporary home styles.

Color Combination Ideas: 

A house with black siding coupled with crisp white trim and a light brown roof will be quite pleasing. 

4. Steel Gray

Steel gray is a sleek and modern neutral color that exudes sophistication and versatility. This cool and muted gray shade is reminiscent of industrial steel, making it a popular choice for contemporary design aesthetics. Steel gray metal siding provides a clean and minimalist look for your home’s exterior, creating a backdrop that complements a wide range of architectural styles and color palettes.

Color Combination Ideas: 

Steel gray siding looks best with a charcoal or slate gray roof color

Steel Gray
Steel Gray Metal Siding

5. Light/Pewter Gray:

Light gray metal siding brings a soft, welcoming charm to your home’s exterior. It creates a subtle and soothing ambiance, making it one of the most trendy metal siding colors. This is an excellent choice if you desire a neutral backdrop that pairs well with various accent colors and architectural features.

Light Gray Metal Siding
Light Gray Metal Siding

6. Beige: 

Beige metal siding radiates a warm and inviting aura, reminiscent of sandy beaches and sunlit interiors. This versatile color offers a sense of comfort and coziness, making it an excellent choice for creating a harmonious and timeless look on your home’s exterior. 

Color Combination Ideas: 

Beige siding looks best with a black metal roof or a dark brown shingle roof. You can paint your doors and windows black to make your home pop out. 

7. Brown: 

Brown metal siding exudes earthy richness and durability, resembling the warmth of natural wood. It brings a sense of strength and stability to your home’s façade, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a classic and rugged appearance. This is the perfect choice if you want the look of wood, but do not want to utilize real wood for the siding. 

Color Combination Ideas: 

Brown metal siding looks good with earth tones, such as a warm taupe or natural stone, creating a harmonious and inviting exterior

8. Taupe

Taupe is a sophisticated and versatile color. It can be described as a warm, muted shade that blends elements of gray and brown. Taupe often exhibits soft and earthy undertones, making it an excellent choice for balancing elegance and simplicity.

Color Combination Ideas: 

Taupe siding complements a warm, chestnut brown roof, and dark-colored accents. 

♦ Warm Colors 

Now, let us move to another range of colors, the warmer tones. If you admire siding colors that can evoke emotions like excitement, passion, and happiness, then warmer colors should be your go-to choice. 

9. Colonial Red

Colonial red metal siding harks back to traditional American architecture and classic designs. This dignified red shade exudes timeless elegance and heritage. Colonial red siding creates a stately and refined appearance, perfect for homes with a traditional or colonial aesthetic. 

Color Combination Ideas: 

Colonial red metal siding looks good with a classic white or creamy beige trim. Red siding can also complement a black roof pretty well. 

Colonial Red Metal Siding
Colonial Red Metal Siding

10. Rustic Red 

Rustic red metal siding captures the essence of rugged, natural beauty. This warm hue evokes images of weathered barns and charming country homes. It’s a versatile choice that combines the energy of red with the authenticity of rustic design. 

Color Combination Ideas:

Rustic red metal siding looks good paired with a brown roof and accents. This color would look good with a wood shingle roof as well. 

11. Marigold

Marigold is a delightful, orange and yellow siding color that effortlessly brightens up your home’s exterior without being overly flashy. It radiates a cheerful ambiance, adding a touch of optimism and warmth to your surroundings. Marigold’s subtle vibrancy makes it an inviting choice that blends harmoniously with various design elements, creating a welcoming home.

Color Combination: 

Marigolds, or other pale yellow siding colors, work well with white accents and a dark-colored roof. 

♦ Cooler Colors

We’ve now come to the biggest range of siding colors. These options have made a big splash in the market with their cool undertones. Since most cool color options are also considered bold choices, homeowners used to avoid them, but as times change so does style, causing these colors to grow in popularity. 

12. Slate Blue: 

Slate blue metal siding embodies a tranquil and sophisticated character. This cool, calming shade of blue evokes the feeling of a serene sky or a peaceful ocean. It lends a sense of relaxation and elegance to your home’s exterior, making it an ideal choice for creating a soothing and timeless ambiance. 

Slate Blue Metal Siding
Slate blue metal siding

13. Coastal Blue: 

This refreshing shade of blue mirrors the tranquil colors of the ocean, conjuring images of sunny skies and endless horizons. It infuses your home with a sense of relaxation and coastal charm, however, its application is not limited to homes near the coast, as this can work just as well in other settings.

Color Combination: 

Coastal and slate blue metal siding looks good with crisp white trim and a light-colored metal roof. 

14. Sage Green

Sage green metal siding captures the essence of nature’s beauty. This muted, earthy green tone creates a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere, making it particularly suitable for homes in natural surroundings. It seamlessly blends with lush landscapes and wooded areas, adding a touch of organic charm to your exterior design. 

15. Olive Green 

Let’s move on to another popular metal siding color trend: olive green. This earthy and muted green hue resembles the lush foliage of olive trees, creating an aura of peace and connection to the outdoors. Olive green siding blends harmoniously with the environment, complementing homes nestled amidst greenery.

Color Combination:  

Sage green or olive green metal siding looks good with creamy off-white trim and natural wood accents. Even black trims look great against a backdrop of green, so choose this color if you have a black roof. 

16. Emerald Green

Now that we’ve explored the realm of lighter shades, it’s time to immerse ourselves in the captivating world of a darker and bolder hue. This dark shade goes by the name of emerald green or, simply, dark green. 

This lush and opulent color mirrors the brilliance of a precious gemstone, evoking a sense of luxury that will look good on both modern and traditional styles of home. 

Its color beckons admiration and leaves a lasting impression, making it a perfect choice for those who want to make a statement with their house’s siding. 

Color Combination: 

A white metal roof or a gray metal roof will complement your emerald-green siding beautifully. Use white trims to make your home pop out. 

17. Charcoal Gray: 

Gray siding colors are very much in trend. Charcoal gray metal siding strikes a perfect balance between traditional and modern aesthetics. It offers a sense of depth and character, making your home appear both sophisticated and inviting. This versatile shade complements a wide range of architectural styles.

Color Combination: 

Charcoal gray siding looks exceptionally good with a sleek black or dark gray roof, emphasizing a modern and sophisticated exterior.

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Best Metal Roof Installers:

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