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Top 3 Brands Offering Board And Batten Metal Siding In 2024

Posted on September 25, 2023

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Top 3 Brands Offering Board And Batten Metal Siding In 2024

Today, we’ll unveil the top three brands that are leading the way in the industry by providing high-quality board and batten metal siding options. Whether you’re embarking on a new construction project or considering a facelift for your existing structure, join us on this journey to discover the finest choices that 2024 has to offer in the world of board and batten metal siding.

What Is Board and Batten Siding? 

Board and batten siding is a type of exterior wall covering commonly used in architecture and home construction. It is characterized by its distinctive design, which consists of alternating wide vertical boards, and narrow vertical strips called battens that cover the joints between the boards. This siding style creates a visually appealing, textured surface on the exterior of a building.

Board and Batten Siding

Top Board and Batten Metal Siding Options For Your Home

Now that you are familiar with the design of board and batten siding let us move to the core of our article. Only a good manufacturer can make good siding and this is why it is important that you make sure you or your contractor use siding from leading manufacturers.  

Here are some of the top manufacturers that you’ll come across:  

1. EDCO 

EDCO is an industry leader when it comes to metal roofing and siding products. Established more than 77 years ago in 1946, the company has maintained an unwavering commitment to delivering highly innovative products that set the industry standard for quality. Their dedicated team spares no effort in ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

The company is a pioneer in metal fabricators. It holds the distinction of being the largest manufacturer of prefinished metal siding products throughout America. 

Coming to the product range, EDCO’s portfolio encompasses a comprehensive range of metal and other materials, ranging from siding and roofing to other exterior aspects such as gutter systems. They also make vinyl and engineered wood siding too. 

The vertical metal panels boast a sleek design, combining a flat board with a distinctive raised batten, creating a visually striking facade. To enhance its aesthetic appeal, they add texture to the metal for a touch of natural authenticity, replicating the look of real wood. With this type of board and batten metal siding you’ll get a great look with metal panels that are built to last.

EDCO also utilizes an ENTEX® Cool Chemistry® paint technology to ensure exceptional durability. This advanced coating won’t chip, crack, or peel, even in the harshest weather conditions. What’s more, is that this board and batten metal siding comes with a 35-year fade warranty, so your siding will give off the same color for years to come.  

Plus, it goes the extra mile by helping reduce energy costs, making it a smart and eco-friendly choice for your architectural needs.

Best Color Options 

  • Charcoal Gray
  • Sedona 
  • Guinness

2. EMCO Building Products

EMCO Building Products is a well-known company throughout America that specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality steel and aluminum siding products, along with modern soffit and fascia systems. 

You may have heard of seamless gutters, but EMCO has taken this concept and applied it to the manufacturing of siding too.  As the word suggests, EMCO Building Products’ seamless siding need not be overlapped at regular intervals. This guarantees a consistently clean and attractive appearance with no unsightly seams. This takes the siding a step above other options such as wood or fiber cement siding.  

Their steel siding offers exceptional longevity, providing a high return on investment (ROI) on your project. Moreover, the steel they use is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally sustainable material. To top it off, their steel siding often comes with Kynar 500® paint finishes, adding to its appeal and durability. With this, you won’t have to worry about repainting or sealing to enhance appearance. 

Top Siding Color Options

  • Charcoal
  • Sage 
  • Ash
  • Carbon

3. Classic Metals 

Classic Metals is a company specializing in metal roofing and siding solutions. They offer a wide range of metal products designed to enhance the durability and aesthetics of residential and commercial buildings. The company offers various metal panel profiles, colors, and finishes, providing customers with options to suit their unique design preferences and structural requirements. 

Their metal roofing and siding products are known for their durability and resistance to weathering, making them a practical choice for regions with diverse climates.

Steel Board and Batten Siding

The Steel Board and Batten siding from Classic Metals present a compelling alternative to the typical steel wall panels that you will usually find in the market. This siding option is crafted from the standard 29-gauge materials which are pretty thick and durable.

Each board and batten panel provides a generous 10 inches of coverage per piece and can be obtained in lengths of up to 20 feet, creating a uniform look. The siding also comes with superior scratch resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability.

What’s more is that along with bigger panels, you also get a variety of color options which include both solid and textured options. The installation is also hassle-free, utilizing a nail fin system that accommodates natural expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations throughout the day.

Other Board and Batten Siding Options

In the section above, we looked at the top board and batten metal siding options. But as you know, metal is not the only option that you can consider. Fiber cement, vinyl, and wood are also quite popular, especially when we talk about the board and batten style.  

Here are some options: 

– James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Siding is renowned for its high-quality fiber cement board and batten siding options. Their products are known for durability, resistance to weathering, and a wide range of color choices, allowing homeowners and builders to achieve the classic board and batten look with modern materials.

– CertainTeed

CertainTeed is a well-known manufacturer of vinyl siding products, and they offer a range of options, including board and batten styles. Their vinyl board and batten siding provides a low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood siding while still capturing the classic appeal of the former. It’s also available in several shades too.  

Vinyl Siding Products
Image Source: Vinyl Siding Products

Best Siding Installation Services In Georgia 

Siding is a crucial component of your home. It not only protects your exterior from the harsh effects of weather, but it also influences the curb appeal of your home. With board and batten siding you can create a beautiful look. However, whether you want to install metal or vinyl board and batten siding, hiring a professional siding installer such as one from RST Roofing and Renovations is crucial. 

We are your professional siding installer in Georgia, and over the years, we have installed the best siding from leading manufacturers, and have satisfied a lot of homeowners. We also install other types of siding, so give us a call today at (404) 548-8901 to find out how we can help you! 

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