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5 Bold & Beautiful Vinyl Siding Color Combinations In 2024

Posted on January 16, 2024

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5 Bold & Beautiful Vinyl Siding Color Combinations In 2024

Are you ready to give your property a new look? The siding on your home speaks volumes about your style and personality. And with the myriad of color options available, you can make a personalized statement with your home’s siding.

In this blog post, you’ll discover five stunning vinyl siding colors and combinations that’ll stand out in 2024 and for years to come! Plus, at the end we will go over tips for choosing the right color siding for your home. 

Best Vinyl Siding Colors and Combinations For Your Next Home Upgrade

Here are five bold and beautiful color options for homeowners, taking into account factors like roof color, surroundings, and trim and accent colors:

1. Gray Siding

Trim: White

Roof: Black or gray roof

Accents: White front door, windows, and shutters

Gray Siding

This combination is ideal for contemporary or modern-style homes. The gray and white hues showcase a blend of traditional and progressive design. This combination is best suited for homes with clean lines and minimalist architectural features. The bright accents create an unforgettable point of attraction against the dark shingle and vinyl siding color.

2. Light Brown Vinyl Siding

Trim: Dark Brown

Roof: Wood shakes or brown shingles

Accents: Olive green shutters and front door

Light Brown Siding

This combination is perfect for coastal or traditional-style homes, especially those situated near bodies of water or surrounded by trees or hills. It’s an ideal match for a beach house or a cabin near a lake. The light brown shade is perfect for green, sandy, and blue surroundings, while the dark brown trim complements the overall design of a natural setting. Finally, large olive green shutters and a front door add a more earthy feel.

3. Bright White Vinyl Siding

Trim: White

Roof: A shade of red

Accents: Red doors and Windows

Bright White Siding

This vinyl siding color combination is well-suited for homes in bustling cities or cheerful neighborhoods with either traditional or modern architecture. The red accents and roof stand out against the bright white vinyl siding and trim details, creating a clean and eye-catching contrast.

4. Sage Green Vinyl Siding

Trim: Light colors

Roof: Brown

Accents: Light-colored doors and windows

Sage Green Siding

Create a serene home exterior with these pleasant colors. This combination is ideal for homes in a natural or earthy setting, such as those surrounded by open fields or woods. The sage green siding blends harmoniously with the brown roof, while light-colored trim adds a cheerful and bright touch. Tiny homes and ranch houses with this color combination look incredibly appealing, leaving an unforgettable impression on anyone who walks by.

5. Ivory Vinyl Siding

Trim: Black

Roof: Gray

Accents: Black front door

Ivory Vinyl Siding

Ivory vinyl siding is suited for various home styles, including colonial or traditional designs. The neutral tone of ivory provides a classic and luxurious backdrop, while the black trim and front door add a touch of boldness and sophistication to your home. This blend of light and dark colors creates a balanced exterior to maintain an inviting appearance. This combination is best for homes in a variety of settings, from suburban neighborhoods to urban environments.

These vinyl siding colors can fit well with most types of homes and exterior colors. Before making a final decision, request color samples to visualize how it will look on your home. If you’re still not sure which color is best, check out the next section for tips on choosing the right shade.

How to Select the Best Vinyl Siding Color for Your Home

Old panels can be painted in any color, and new vinyl siding is available in various premium finishes. Here are some expert tips for homeowners choosing new siding for their house:

#1 Consider the Style of the Siding

Vinyl siding panels are available in multiple designs, including premium finishes that look like wood, stone, brick, and more. What if you like the color options but not the design? Begin by going through various styles of vinyl siding. Once you pick the style, check with the manufacturer if it’s available in a shade you like. Otherwise, you can always get those panels painted and finished by your contractor.

#2 Explore Vinyl Siding Colors and Finishes From Top Manufacturers

Make sure you are investing in high-quality materials. Top vinyl siding brands like CertainTeed, Ply Gem, and Alside offer multiple vinyl siding options that come with solid warranties and are known for their durability and strength to protect homes against severe weather. Check out the wide range of finishes and colors these brands offer. From board and batten to wood shingle styles, you can find beautiful and unique vinyl siding panels.

#3 Try House Exterior Color Visualizers

There are plenty of online tools that let you visualize your home in different siding colors and styles. You can try the Coloview® tool by CertainTeed. Upload a picture of your home, and use this free tool to visualize CertainTeed’s colorful vinyl siding panels on your property. If you like a color or style from another brand, search their website for a similar tool. Most leading manufacturers provide this to help their potential customers.

#4 Check Your Homeowners Association’s Guidelines

If your area has a homeowners association (HOA), it’s possible that they have some guidelines regarding home exterior design, including colors. These guidelines are in place to maintain balanced property values and a cohesive feel in the neighborhood. HOAs may also recommend using energy-efficient construction materials, technologies, and coatings. Check their guidelines and make sure your home aligns with them.

#5 Hire A Certified Siding Contractor In Your Area

When you hire a trustworthy vinyl siding contractor in your area, you are avoiding installation errors, a plain design, and issues down the line. Plus, you are safeguarding your investment by fulfilling the condition of professional work stated in most manufacturer warranties and home insurance policies. Your contractor can also help you understand the HOA guidelines and local building codes and suggest the best products and techniques for your vinyl siding project.

We hope this guide inspires you to pick the best color and style for your vinyl siding. Remember to consider the above tips to make well-educated decisions and ensure a hassle-free home improvement project!

If you need siding replacement, installation, or inspection services in Atlanta, we’re here to help.

Explore The Best Vinyl Siding Colors In Atlanta, GA

At RST Roofing and Renovations, our team is passionate about home improvement, and we’re here to help you select the best siding color and style for your home. We’ve been helping homeowners upgrade their homes for many years, and it’s their feedback and referrals that keep us going. We are proud to offer the best house siding services in Atlanta, and we look forward to working with you on your siding replacement or painting project. Call us at (404) 548-8901 to schedule a free consultation with our experts and explore beautiful vinyl siding options!

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