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A Homeowner’s Guide To Storm Damage Roof Replacement

Posted on January 24, 2024

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A Homeowner’s Guide To Storm Damage Roof Replacement

Do you need a reliable storm damage roof replacement service? At RST Roofing and Renovations, we know it can be hard to get the best value for your money while ensuring the safety and beauty of your home at the same time. That’s why we’re here with expert insights on:

  • Types of roof storm damage that requires urgent replacement
  • The Importance of considering your roof’s condition before storm damage
  • Understanding Homeowners Insurance coverage for storm damage roofing
  • Avoiding roofing scams 
  • Preventive roof maintenance tips

Let’s make your roof more sturdy, appealing, and cost-effective than before!

Types Of Roof Storm Damage That May Necessitate Urgent Replacement

Some storms leave the roof with countless scars that may not be healed by short-term solutions. At that time, a replacement becomes the only durable solution that can protect your home and investment in the future. Otherwise, quick fixes or repairs can put your family and belongings at risk. Moreover, an improper solution can lead to issues during warranty and insurance claims.

Here are the signs of storm damage that speak of urgent roof replacement:

#1 Tornado or Windstorm Damage 🌪️

Tornado or Windstorm Damage

High-velocity winds don’t uniformly affect a roof. They deeply affect the roof by hitting at angles and corners hardest, prying up roofing material, and creating openings for water intrusion. Over time, this force may loosen fasteners and adhesives, leading to parts of the roof becoming vulnerable or detached entirely. Moreover, when shingles get damaged throughout the roof, this slowly damages the inner layers of the roof, including the rafters and attic insulation.

Signs You Need Wind Damage Roof Replacement

Damage To Shingles

The presence of cracked, missing, or loose shingles, along with those with granules that are worn away, strongly suggests that your roof may require replacement. Shingles serve as the roof’s primary form of defense, and any compromise in their strength quickly leads to moisture damage in the form of leaks, mold, and algae.

Roof Deck Damage

Visible damage to the roof deck, especially if it’s noticeable from the attic, indicates a more serious problem that requires a roof replacement. If you notice sagging areas, broken wood, or beams of light passing through the roof, it’s time to call a reputable storm damage roofing company.

Exposed Wood at Ridges or Eaves

The exposure of underlying wood at the roof’s ridge or eaves is a clear sign that multiple layers of roofing material have been stripped away by the windstorm. This calls for urgent roof tarping and replacement services! If those areas remain exposed for longer periods of time, it can lead to more severe damage and expensive repairs.

#2 Water Damage ☔

Water Damage

Rainstorms and wind-driven rain can create moisture in your home without your knowledge until the damage is visible inside the house. In winter, snow and ice dams also cause significant damage to the roof if you ignore proper snow and ice removal, attic insulation, and roof ventilation.

Signs You Need A Roof Replacement Due To Water Damage

Leaks In Rooms During Rainfall

If you notice water dripping or leaking from a room’s ceiling during a storm, it’s a clear and immediate sign of severe roof damage. This indicates that the current roofing system is unable to withstand the intensity of the storm or rainwater, and a replacement may be necessary.

Water Pooling In The Attic

After the storm, check your attic for standing water or leaks. If you can spot these areas, it signifies a significant issue with the roof’s ability to shed water properly and may necessitate a replacement.

Water in Light Fixtures or Electrical Outlets

If you observe water in light fixtures or coming from electrical outlets during a rainstorm, it’s a critical indication of roof leaks caused by the storm. Call a reliable roofer and electrician urgently to avoid electrical hazards to protect your home and interior from getting damaged.

#3 Hail Damage  🌨️

Hail Damage

Hailstones can vary significantly in size, with some as large as grapefruits! They can batter the surface of your roof, putting cracks and holes in asphalt shingles and causing dents in metal panels. Smaller hailstones can cause shingle granules to dislodge as well, which protects the shingles from weathering, fire, and UV damage.

Signs You Need A Hail Damage Roof Replacement

Damaged Shingles

Like windstorms, hailstones can also lead to cracks, splits, and granule loss to shingles on the roof. This means you’ll need urgent storm damage roof inspections and shingle replacements. 

Multiple Holes Or Leaks

The presence of multiple holes or leaks in your roof is a clear and urgent sign that you need to replace your roof. The severity of roof damage may also require a deeper inspection of your home, including the attic, walls, and ceilings.

Don’t Forget To Consider Your Roof’s Age and Prior Condition

👉The age of your roof and its condition right before the storm greatly influence whether it needs restoration or replacement. The aim is to make sure your roof does not fall apart from further damage in the near future. 

👉Roofs nearing the end of their lifespan, or those already weather-beaten will most likely need replacing after minor storm damage. On the other hand, new roofs in excellent condition prior to the storm may be repaired by minor storm damage. 

👉However, if you notice severe signs of damage, as discussed above, it’s important to replace your roof. Your contractor may suggest a partial or complete replacement based on several factors, like your roof’s age, condition, and more. 

👉Neglecting professional advice often leads to unexpected roof failure, property damage, accidents, and expensive replacements that may not be covered by your insurance.

When it comes to insurance companies, don’t rely completely on your policy for coverage. Understanding the details and following the conditions outlined in your agreement is equally important to receive the right coverage.

Understanding Homeowners’ Insurance Coverage For A Storm Damage Roof Replacement

When it comes to your roof, don’t immediately assume that your policy provides blanket coverage on all fronts. It’s crucial to comprehend the specifics. Most standard homeowners’ insurance policies typically categorize roof storm damage as one of three types:

  • Damage caused by seasonal storms like hail 
  • Severe damage from unexpected storms like hurricanes or tornadoes
  • Avoidable roof storm damage due to improper maintenance

Generally, insurance policies are more inclined to cover abrupt events versus long-term problems resulting from negligence. Understand the details of your policy, and whether it includes Actual Cash Value (ACV ) or Replacement Cost Value (RCV). The subtle difference is that ACV deducts depreciation due to age, while RCV compensates the entire cost without taking depreciation into account.

Your roofing contractor can help you with the insurance claim process. However, be cautious and select the right company because storms bring storm chasers and fraudsters who can do more harm than good.

Avoid Roofing Scams and Fraudulent Companies

Opportunistic individuals or companies may try to take advantage of homeowners facing stressful situations. After a storm, fake, unlicensed roofers or out-of-town companies commit fraud in the name of emergency services for storm damage roof replacement or repair. Watch out for pushy sales techniques, demands for cash upfront, and door-to-door salesmen offering unsolicited services after the storm. They may also fail to show their credentials, office, or proof of local presence and reputation.

That’s why you must choose a licensed, local roofing contractor with an established reputation, online presence, and a good number of ratings and reviews from their customers. If you are looking for a safe, high quality, and economical roof replacement or inspection for storm damage in Atlanta, GA, we’re here to help!

Choose Atlanta’s Most Trusted Storm Damage Roofing Company!

At RST Roofing and Renovations, we’ve been helping homeowners restore their roofs and homes for many years. We’re based right here in Atlanta, and we know what’s best for homes in the area after a storm has hit. If you need emergency storm damage roofing services in Atlanta, you can trust our professionals for the best advice and exceptional service. So call us at (404)-548-8901, and talk to one of our experts today!

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