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Can You Paint Asphalt Shingles?

Posted on September 10, 2022

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Can You Paint Asphalt Shingles?

Homeowners often ask us: can you paint asphalt shingles? Well, we can paint almost anything, but the genuine concern is, what would be the result? In the case of asphalt shingles, painting is usually a destructive action.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know why. So to help, our roofing experts are here to explain the reasons. This article will describe four ways painting asphalt shingles can be harmful.

What Happens When You Paint Asphalt Shingles?

Painting a shingle roof will not yield the same results as it does for a metal roof. Below we will explain our point by answering some common questions.

Can You Paint Asphalt Shingles

1. Does Painting Make The Shingles Look New And Better?

The answer is no. Painting may not enhance the look of damaged shingles for long. People usually want to paint the roof when the shingles get old and look worn out. Painting isn’t the solution on some roofs, and it may not even stick for a day. The shingles will still look uneven, and the paint will start chipping soon. Your efforts and money will ultimately be in vain. Also, the damage will only increase when you paint a weathered shingle roof.

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2. Can You Paint Asphalt Shingles To Cover The Damage?

This one will be a big no because covering it up may lead to more damage beneath it. 3-tab shingles generally wear out after 20 years, whereas architectural and designer shingles can last between 25 to 35 years. Their lifespan depends on how well you maintain your roof over the years.

When the time comes, it is essential to repair or replace the damaged shingles. Otherwise, mold, algae, pests, debris, and other unwanted elements can accumulate in your roofing system. They can also slide past the damaged shingles and affect the sheathing and attic.

3. Does Painting Save You Money?

You may end up spending more in the long run by painting your shingles. Painting the shingles will neither pause the withering or repair the damage. On the worse side, wet paint can attract bugs and other pests. If you paint over algae or mold, the infestations will still grow behind the paint, sabotaging the roof.

As you can imagine, an unexpected roof failure is dangerous and calls for urgent replacements. Painting the shingles can also void your insurance claim and manufacturer’s warranty, so when you need repairs or replacements, you may have to cover the entire cost.

We understand that all of this looks scary, but it isn’t. There are very simple but wise alternatives to painting the shingles if you want to enhance the look.

What’s The Alternative To Painting Asphalt Shingles?

You may find a few paints and coats for the shingles, but no expert will advise you to do that. Rather than buying shingle paint, you can choose to repair, caulk, and replace asphalt shingles instead of hiding the damage behind the paint.

  • If your roof isn’t very old, repairing a few parts or shingles will do the trick. You can also repair minor leaks and cracks. Fixing this will make the surface even and straight, which is good for your roof’s look and longevity.
  • If the flashing is old or warped, you must reflash the roof fixtures and shingles. Flashing generally comes out after a few seasons of heavy rain and snow.
  • If the shingles don’t look torn or withered, you can reseal the weak shingles properly. Shingles can come loose due to high winds.

Along with these points, you must understand that good quality products and work will always be more beneficial in the long run. If you need help in Georgia, contact our roofing experts.

Need Help With Your Shingle Roof?

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